Đ ây l à m ột trong nh ững b ài nh ạc d ùng đ ể t ĩnh t âm hay nh ất m à t ôi r ất th ích. Muốn thếcác

b ạn n ên xem tr ư ớc n ội dung c ủa b ài nh ạc n ày đ ể c ảm nh ận t ốt h ơn.

I  am

I am everything

I am nothing

I am the child of the divine

The vibrational energy of divinity flows through me

All that I think, say, or do decreases or increases  my incandescence

My soul is on journey

My joyfulness is the sharing of my journey with everyone and all of life

I am a diamond and have been given life to discover this

I am the silence and listen to that what is

In the silence my soul receives loving nourishment

I am the breath I inhale

I am the earth I walk on

I am part of the cosmic eperience on earth

I am a living meditation

I am a reflection of Oneness

I am an observer, a witness to LIFE

I am a light switch going on and off in the polarity

I am a spirit in human form

I am a star in heaven

I am a smile on your face

I am



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